Should I Add a Micro-Market to my Break Room?

A micro-market is easy to add to your Silicon Valley, including San Jose break room. Choose options you want to look at with the open floor plan design. Provide around the clock access to healthy options, fresh food like salad, and more. Then, scan and go with a kiosk. It's modern, easy, and a favorite for a reason when it comes to boosting company morale.

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Bay Area, San Jose Silicon Valley self-service micro-markets
Micro-markets in Bay Area, San Jose Silicon Valley

Health & wellness

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Employees prioritize their health like never before, so healthy refreshment options are necessary for today's break rooms. Allow us to help you support your employee's healthy goals by providing fresh and healthy choices in the break room.

Self-serve micro-markets in Bay Area, San Jose Silicon Valley

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Bay Area, San Jose Silicon Valley self-serve micro-market breakrooms


Micro-markets make attracting and retaining the right employees easier because today's employees anticipate having access to modern refreshment options in the office.

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