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San Francisco Bay Area Break Room Checklist

Thinking about installing a break room in your San Francisco Bay Area workplace? Don’t worry, we do all things break room and have a checklist for you! From planning and installation to stocking and servicing. All you need to do is show up and enjoy the perks of a beautiful break room and all the refreshment options available in it.

When stocking a break room, it’s good to think about who will be using the break room to determine what refreshments to stock in it. Let’s go through a break room checklist so you can get an idea of what you need for your San Francisco Bay Area break room.

Office Coffee

Coffee is probably one of the most important items you’ll want to offer in your break room. Do your employees drink a lot of coffee? If so, do they like traditional drip coffee, or do they head off-site for café-style coffee drinks? If they like drip coffee, a traditional office coffee service would be an excellent option for you because it provides quality coffee in large amounts. But, if they are heading off-site for café-style coffee drinks, it would be better to offer your employees a higher-end option. Our single-cup coffee service in the San Francisco Bay Area provides you with lots of options like lattes, cappuccinos, and café-style coffee drinks.

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Snacks, Beverages, Foods

Refreshment services for your break room can be a mixture of snacks, beverages, and food. Are your employees on-site for long shifts or short shifts? Do they go off-site for lunch? If your employees are on-site for extended periods, they will typically want access to a variety of fresh foods with a San Francisco Bay Area micro-market. And, if they’re working shorter shifts, then quick and easy snacks from the vending machine will be what they’re reaching for. And, if you have employees who go off-site frequently to grab their favorite beverage, then add a beverage vending machine to the mix.

Still have questions after looking over this break room checklist? Don’t worry! As a top refreshment service provider in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’ll help you decide just what you need to stock in the break room.

For more information about a vending and micro-market service in the San Francisco Bay Area, please contact Silicon Valley Refreshments at 408-971-2318. We look forward to hearing from you!

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4 Benefits of a San Francisco Bay Area Micro-Market

Micro-markets have quickly become people’s favorite when it comes to break room solutions in the San Francisco Bay Area. These open markets are filled with healthy options and grab-and-go snacks and bring your employees the best in custom break room solutions.

Like having a small convenience store in the break room, a San Francisco Bay Area micro-market provides everything your employees need for breakfast, lunch, or just a quick snack. And they operate on an honor system, so there is no need for a physical cashier.

What can a San Francisco Bay Area micro-market bring when you add it to your break room services? In this case, a whole lot.

#1 Customize Your Space

With our self-serve kiosks, we can customize all components to make them utilize the space available. It does not matter how big or small your San Francisco Bay Area break room is. Our team can build a layout that will fit your space. Then, we will fill it up with your favorite snack, food, and drink options!

#2 Open 24/7 for All-Day Snacking

When you opt for a micro-market in your office, it is available every day, regardless of the shift. So, if employees need to stay late or come in early, no worries! These San Francisco Bay Area self-serve kiosks have healthy options to suit everyone’s needs, whether it is a light breakfast or a hearty lunch.

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#3 Multiple Checkout Solutions

Another added benefit of our micro-markets is the variety of checkout options. Through the innovative kiosks, employees can use cash, cards, prepaid cards, or even a mobile app to complete their purchases. These options offer a touchless solution and reduce the cash flow requirements of traditional break room solutions. So, upgrade your services with our San Francisco Bay Area state-of-the-art refreshment technology!

#4 Product Variety

Open markets offer a wide variety of products that customers find appealing. What is more, from fresh foods to the newest treats, we keep our micro-markets stalked in foods your employees want to eat! Reach out to see how you can transition from traditional San Francisco Bay Area vending machines to a micro-market today!

Ready to Have the Benefits of a San Francisco Bay Area Micro-Market?

If you are ready to upgrade your San Francisco Bay Area break room, do it with Silicon Valley Refreshments. Our specialists help you determine what micro-market design will best meet your employees’ needs. Call us at 408-971-2318 today to learn more!