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Gift San Jose Employees Free Snacks

Now that we’re halfway through the year, give employees a boost with a Christmas in July celebration that includes free snacks. This can be mutually beneficial. Your staff will feel appreciated, thus being more productive. It also boosts morale and retention. That makes Christmas in July gifts, like free snacks, a great idea.

Want to treat your team? Here are three San Jose break room services to consider using.

Free Vend Brings Smiles into the Break Room

Free vend snack services will delight your crew. Employees can enjoy complimentary snacks on their terms. They simply press a button on your San Jose vending machine. Then voila! They get free food or beverages. You cover the costs. Free vending is excellent for special occasions. For instance, offer free snacks for meeting goals. Or treat employees on work anniversaries. This shows you care.

You can offer this service for a day or a week. Silicon Valley Refreshments makes free vending services simple. We’ll track the inventory. Plus, we’ll send you an invoice.

Subsidize Your Micro-Market to Offer Free Snacks

A subsidized San Jose micro-market is the ultimate employee perk. Why? Employees enjoy a wide range of free food. In a subsidized micro-market, you can cover some of the cost. Or, pay for everything! Just add money to their micro-market accounts. Then, employees can pick any product they want.

San Jose Refreshment Services | Break Room Food | Free Coffee Service Snacks

Micro-markets have endless options. You can get fresh meals and healthy snacks. These mini-stores also have beverages. Grab a salad and an energy drink. Or, get fruit and veggies. This supports a healthy lifestyle where employees feel their best and are most productive.

Office Coffee Bonus

What’s better than fresh coffee? If you ask us, it’s free coffee! Do you use our San Jose office coffee service? Consider ordering bulk items along with the coffee. For example, get chips or granola bars. Or order bottled water. Employees will appreciate these free goodies. Additionally, they’ll feel valued.

Silicon Valley Refreshments will deliver these bulk items along with your coffee order. This makes it more convenient for you!

Top Benefits of Free Snacks

Why should you offer free snacks? Here are the four biggest benefits:

  • Free snacks increase productivity: Employees will go the extra mile knowing you care.
  • Reduced employee turnover: Want to improve retention? Offer free food! This increases staff satisfaction. Thus, more employees will stay.
  • Workplace wellness: Busy employees may not be making healthy choices. Make it easier for them! Treat them to free food in your micro-market. They can get wraps, yogurt, or veggies.
  • Higher engagement: Free food promotes collaboration. Offer complimentary snacks at corporate meetings. Employees will be eager to join in!

Your Staff Deserves Free Snacks

Christmas in July is a great time to gift San Jose employees with free snacks. This makes them feel extra special. Thus, they’ll be happier. Employees will also work harder!

We make free snack services easy. Contact Silicon Valley Refreshments today to learn about our free vending solutions. We also offer subsidized micro-markets.

Call us at 408.971.2318 now. We’ll help make your staff feel appreciated.

Cupertino Vending Machines | Office Snacks | Seaga Vending Equipment

How to Choose the Best Vending Option for Your Cupertino Office

Modern vending machines are a great office perk. They provide fresh quality food, snacks, and drinks at all hours of the day. There are many benefits to be gained by including a vending option in your Cupertino break room.

Traditional, free, and subsidized vending solutions all have their unique advantages. So, which is the best fit for your situation? Discover more about these three options and how they can help you achieve your break room upgrade.

Traditional Vending

What is traditional vending? This type of vending includes snack, beverage, and food vending machines. You can customize the product mix to include your favorite options or healthy items. With this option, your Cupertino employees will pay 100% of the cost of purchases. Our machines are user-friendly and accept mobile wallets and credit cards.

Cupertino Micro-Market | Work Snacks | Breakroom Food Vending

Is traditional vending right for me? This option is best if …

  • You want simplicity. This option is simple because employees pay for refreshments. Yet, it’s also versatile. You can use traditional vending in a high-traffic break room or lobby. It’s an easy perk to add to your business.
  • You want a hassle-free experience. Maybe you bought a snack vending machine, but no longer want to service it. We can provide a new machine and take care of everything. From monitoring inventory to restocking, we’ll make sure things run smoothly.
  • You want a straightforward refreshment option. Maybe you want to offer food onsite, but can’t afford to subsidize it or make it free to employees. With traditional, you can still provide easy access to refreshments and meals. Plus, restock service is included! That means no worrying about refilling the machine.

Subsidized Vending

With subsidized vending or a subsidized micro-market, some or all products are offered at a reduced cost to employees. The remaining cost is picked up by you, the employer. You can choose how much of the cost your company will cover. In other words, for a small cost, you can build a more positive company culture.

Subsidized is a great choice for your Cupertino break room if…

  • You want an easy morale boost. Offsetting the cost of refreshments for your employees can improve company culture and increase productivity. Employees will love getting a great deal on their favorite grab-and-go snacks and treats. The best part is that these benefits come at a low cost to your Cupertino company.
  • You want to make vending enticing. You might have noticed some employees don’t use the vending machine. One reason may be that snacks cost more than they want to pay. With subsidized, you can offer reduced-cost food and drinks. That can make it more appealing to purchase refreshments onsite.
  • You want to make healthy options available. Finding healthy options for snacks and meals is not always easy. With our Cupertino vending service, you can choose to include whole-grain snacks, low-sugar beverages, fresh sandwiches, and more. That means that employees can find low-cost healthy items just steps away from their desks. But, there’s more. Healthy eating means fewer sick days too!

Free Vending

Did someone mention free refreshments? That’s what you offer employees with a free vending service. With this service, you, the employer, picks up the cost of the vending items.

Cupertino Micro-Market | Work Vending Snacks | Breakroom Food

Is free right for your Cupertino break room? It’s ideal if…

  • You have a small company. You want to offer refreshments to your employees without a full micro-market setup.
  • You want to increase employee happiness. Giving your employees free food and drinks is a top employee benefit. With free, your employees can access great refreshments onsite. They won’t even have to scrounge for change or find their wallet.
  • You want to increase employee retention. Offering free lunches can help employers stand out. Not only ideal for increasing retention, but free food also attracts new talent.
  • You want straightforward accounting. You don’t want the hassle of an employee coming with a complaint about losing a one-dollar bill. With free, invoicing is easy. We do the behind-the-scenes work and charge you for items used, rather than items stocked.

A Better Break Room Through Vending Machines

Whether you opt for traditional, subsidized, or free vending, bringing more refreshment options to your break room is an amazing upgrade. Your employees will love having easy access to quality drinks, food, and snacks.

With any of our Cupertino vending services, you can customize the products offered. Plus, the machines are adaptable. They can fit in any space within your building. Our modern vending machines are also eco-friendly. They use LED lights to save energy. Accepting mobile wallets and credit cards, they are also user-friendly. These benefits make them a winning choice!

Would you rather purchase your own vending machine? You can even purchase a Seaga machine from us. We are official Seaga distributors. Get in touch so that we can recommend the perfect machine for your business.

Are you ready to upgrade your Cupertino break room with a vending service? Silicon Valley Refreshments can help you do that and more. Call us for your break room needs at 408.971.2318.

Milpitas Beverage Vending | Office Hydration | Break Room Services

5 Ways to Encourage Hydration in Your Milpitas Break Room

Healthy employees are happy employees, not to mention productive ones! One thing that can help support your team’s health is encouraging hydration. After all, staying hydrated throughout the day is important. It boosts health, productivity, mood, and focus. In fact, the opposite, dehydration has been shown to cause headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. And nobody wants that!

So, how can you help your staff stay hydrated and energized? How about adding a great hydration option in your break room? When you work with Silicon Valley Refreshments, we’ll create a customized Milpitas refreshment service based on your budget and needs. That includes water filtration service and so much more.

Filtered Water is Essential for Hydration

Of course, you can’t stay hydrated without water! Providing clean drinking water for employees is a must. Therefore, you may want to consider including a water filtration unit in your break room. Providing clean water will encourage Milpitas staff to drink more water, so they stay hydrated, which makes them more energized and healthy team members!

Milpitas Micro-Market | Office Water Hydration | Coffee Service

Consider Single-Serve Iced Tea

Another great way to boost hydration is with iced teas. Many single-cup coffee brewers also offer iced tea pods, so employees can hydrate with more than just water. The refreshing, water-based drink will give them an afternoon boost and a delicious treat. Plus, different kinds of tea have proven health benefits that support the wellness of Milpitas employees beyond hydration.

Bottled iced tea options are also great for your employees. Find them in cold beverage vending machines or your micro-market coolers.

Consider a Smart Water Dispenser

Incorporating a smart water dispenser into your break room can be a hydration-boosting employee perk. A smart water dispenser filtered water, but also lets you create your own unique beverage. Think fruity flavors and carbonation, all at the touch of a button. Smart water dispensers can make drinking water more fun.

Provide Free Hydration Options for Employees

Go all the way and offer water and hydrating drinks to your team for free. They’ll love you for it! We can get them as part of your Milpitas office pantry service. There’s a range of benefits to giving your team healthy drinks at no cost. It helps them be healthier at work, and have better concentration, motivation, and productivity. That makes it good for your team and your business!

Support Your Team with Hydrating Break Room Upgrades!

Give employees the Milpitas break room essentials they need to feel their best. Contact Silicon Valley Refreshments at 408.971.2318 for more information about our micro-market, office coffee, office pantry, vending, or water filtration services. We look forward to working with you!

Sunnyvale Coffee Trends | Office Coffee | Employee Perks

Is Your Sunnyvale Office Coffee Service Meeting Today’s Workforce? Here Are 2023 Coffee Trends You Might Be Missing

A great Sunnyvale break room starts with an excellent office coffee service. After all, it’s how employees start each workday, so help them kickstart it the right way! Not only will a high-quality coffee service satisfy staff, but it can also increase employee productivity. A fresh cup of coffee will give your team the energy they need to complete their tasks. What’s the secret to a five-star office coffee service? Keeping up to date with the newest coffee trends.

When you work with Silicon Valley Refreshments, we’ll help you create a modern, trend-forward workplace. Whether you opt for a single cup coffee brewer or go with a traditional office coffee machine, we’ve got you covered.

To help, we’re sharing a few of this year’s biggest coffee trends to follow in your Sunnyvale break room. Staying competitive in the workplace can be challenging, but these upgrades to your office coffee service can help!

Large Coffee Cups for Your Sunnyvale Staff

What can we say, people love their coffee! That’s why more and more people are using larger coffee cups for their morning brew, according to the latest trends. Therefore, it’s time to upgrade your Sunnyvale beverage vending service with more cup size options. A great coffee machine option we offer, The Nescafé Krea, can handle bigger sizes. Larger cups mean more coffee for staff to enjoy, and they’re sure to appreciate it! Upgrading your office coffee service with this 2023 trend ensures both quality and quantity. Coffee vending machines are also a great option for high-volume offices.

Sunnyvale Coffee Service | Bean to Cup | Office Coffee Machines

Office Coffee All-You-Can-Drink Programs

All-you-can-drink programs are growing in popularity this year, and for good reason! You can offer this employee benefit to create a welcoming, cafe-like break room experience. With this upgrade of having unlimited cups of coffee, employees will be more likely to take energizing walks to the break room. This can easily be added to any Sunnyvale office pantry service or as a standalone office coffee service. You’re sure to see the results of this trend, too. Offering free coffee promotes employee satisfaction, retention, and recruitment.

Cold Coffee is Growing in Popularity

Cold brew is a fan-favorite opinion. According to Grand View Research’s latest coffee market research, it’s growing in popularity. With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to implement it into your Sunnyvale break room services. Support the growing trend and your employees’ preferences by adding cold brew to your office break room this season. Not sure what is the right pick for you? Nescafe has a free coffee demo for you to try!

Upgrade your Sunnyvale Office Coffee Refreshments Today!

Give your team break room services they’ll love, and let us help you do it! Contact Silicon Valley Refreshments at 408.971.2318 for more information about our micro-market, office coffee, office pantry, vending, or water filtration services. We look forward to working with you!

Santa Clara Vending Service | Break Room Solutions | Micro-Market Basics

Breaking Down Santa Clara Break Room Service Basics

Let’s go back to the service basics. Why? Because finding the right Santa Clara break room services can be tricky. But in this blog, you can learn all about quality break room services and how they can benefit your business.

Vending Machines

Santa Clara vending machines provide snacks and beverages 24/7. Users pick their products and pay by cash or card, so it’s easy for employees to make a purchase. Some vending machines also accept mobile payments.

Vending machines are great for busy workers. They can easily buy brand-name soda, chips, or candy on-site to fight off thirst and hunger. Thus, your employees will be more productive.

Micro-Market Service Basics

Think of a micro-market as a tiny store. Santa Clara micro-markets are unmanned retail spaces. Employees can buy fresh foods, snacks, or drinks. There are sandwiches and soups in the coolers and dry goods stocked in the racks.

You can quickly pay at the self-checkout kiosk. Therefore, you won’t have to wait in long lines. Employees can buy healthy foods anytime they wish, no matter what shift they work. For instance, get salads, wraps, or veggies. Having access to these options boosts workplace wellness.

Office Coffee Services

Santa Clara Office Pantry | Water Filtration Basics | Office Coffee Service

Office coffee service means delivering coffee and other hot drink essentials to your Santa Clara business, along with a coffee brewer. There are three types to choose from. These include:

Traditional coffee service:

These brewers make coffee by the pot. There’s always enough coffee to go around!

Single-cup service:

Don’t like pots? Try pods! Single-cup brewers make coffee by the pod. Users can pick their favorite flavor and make the coffee fresh for each cup.

Bean-to-cup coffee:

Love the sounds and smells of a café? If so, get a bean-to-cup brewer. They grind whole beans. You can make lattes, espressos, or coffee. Want something creamy? Brew a cappuccino!

Silicon Valley Refreshments also offers trendy teas. Want yummy toppers? Ask about creamers and sweeteners.

Office Pantry Services

Want to boost employee satisfaction? Consider Santa Clara office pantry services where employees can get free break room goodies. This makes them feel more appreciated. Thus, they’ll stay loyal. This increases retention.

We’ll find the perfect products for your office pantry and track your inventory. That way your pantry stays stocked. All you need to do is pay the invoice.

Water Filtration Service Basics

Hydration is essential. When properly hydrated, employees feel energized and happy. Plus, drinking water helps you stay productive. Add a Santa Clara water filtration service to your office. It removes dissolved chemicals. Thus, water tastes better.

Short on space? Silicon Valley Refreshments offers countertop systems. We also have floor-standing units. Any sized office can get fresh-tasting water! It’s also eco-friendly. That’s because you can use refillable bottles.

Quality Break Room Service Basics

There are many quality break room solutions. Want delicious water? Looking for healthy foods? Silicon Valley Refreshments has you covered! We take the time to understand your needs. This way, our experts can help find the best solutions for your office.

Please feel free to call us today at 408.971.2318 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sunnyvale Job Satisfaction | Office Pantry | Wellness

Invest in Sunnyvale Office Pantry to Boost Employee Job Satisfaction

Ever heard of an office pantry? It is a type of break room perk for staff that can drive up job satisfaction in the Sunnyvale workplace. It can also boost engagement, productivity, and collaboration. In fact, adding an office pantry to your break room can make you more profitable, according to job satisfaction research. That makes it a win-win for employers and employees.

What is an Office Pantry?

Think of the office pantry as the area in your Sunnyvale break room where there are free snacks and drinks for employees. This might include fresh food, snacks, healthy options, hot beverages, flavored water, and more.

The cost of these refreshments is picked up by you, the employer. It’s a way to offer staff a unique kind of benefit beyond snack or beverage vending. Doing so makes you more profitable. Experience management company Qualtrics finds that businesses that invest in the staff experience are 4X more profitable than those that don’t. Since an office pantry is all about the employee experience, it’s a perfect place to invest.

Use Office Pantry for Engagement

Job satisfaction is more important than ever. Qualtrics points out that money is no longer the major factor for employees. That means if a company wants to keep its top talent, it must invest in the staff experience. In other words, countering low employee engagement. Instead, you will need to find novel ways to connect with your staff. After all, the better engaged they are, the healthier your bottom line.

To start, you’ll want to provide a space for your team to be when they aren’t working. It’s a place they can chat, eat, unwind, and refresh. This helps creativity flourish, resulting in better ideas at a faster rate. Your staff will also love the idea that taking a break is encouraged.

Add an office coffee service to your office pantry for an even greater break room experience.

Sunnyvale Office Pantry | Employee Benefits | Corporate Culture

Wellness Initiatives in the Workplace

The best employee wellness programs start with an office pantry. That way the staff has access to healthy and fresh foods that support their health and wellness goals. Ready for options? We offer all the office pantry supplies you need. Try drinks like Bai Antioxidants, kombucha, and Karma Waters in the break room. Plus, you can customize the mix to align with your corporate wellness goals. And don’t forget. Healthy workers take fewer sick days and are more productive, which makes an office pantry a good investment.

Silicon Valley Refreshments is an Authorized Provider

Coolbreakrooms, a break room design hub, has made Silicon Valley Refreshments an Authorized Provider. Why is that important? Well, because Coolbreakrooms only partners with the best break room service providers. To be considered, a company must provide unique snack and drink options and state-of-the-art machines. It must also offer superb customer service and new break room ideas. That’s Silicon Valley Refreshments! We have nearly 40 years of vending experience in Silicon Valley, including many area cities. We deeply understand the break room space. That includes how an office pantry should be designed. Doesn’t yours deserve to be run by experts like Silicon Valley Refreshments?

Use Coolbreakrooms to give your break room an upgrade. That way it’s not just about the refreshments being a benefit for your staff. The break room space is also a perk.

Raise Job Satisfaction and Wellness With Office Pantry Service!

Don’t settle for subpar service and a sad break room. Instead, invest in employee wellness, company culture, and the staff experience. Office pantry service from  Silicon Valley Refreshments can help you do that and more. Call us for your break room needs at 408.971.2318.

Sunnyvale Employees | Office Snack Perks | Company Wellness

3 Break Room Services Guaranteed to Entice Sunnyvale Employees

The break room is a welcomed respite for Sunnyvale employees. But has your break room been empty? If so, it’s time for a change. Social breaks, like chatting with coworkers, improve morale. They can also reduce stress.

Encourage your team to take time for some R&R. Entice employees with these three Sunnyvale break room services.

1. Office Pantry Freebies

Employees love free food. Thus, add a Sunnyvale office pantry to your break room! This service offers snacks and drinks free of charge. The employer covers the expenses. You can provide bulk or single-serve items. Most pantries have racks and reach-in coolers. Staff can help themselves at will.

Office pantries make your team feel appreciated. Additionally, it promotes engagement. Employees can catch up with colleagues as they grab snacks. This service also supports their health. Stock your pantry with healthy options. For example, offer bulk nuts or vitamin water.

2. Tempt Employees with an Office Coffee Service

Sunnyvale Micro-Market | Bean-to-Cup Coffee | Break Room for Employees

It’s no surprise that sleepy employees love their morning coffee. Tempt your team with a Sunnyvale office coffee service. Coffee energizes the brain. Therefore, it improves alertness and focus. It’s a great way to jump-start the day!

Additionally, it transforms the break room into a café. The rich aromas and tastes are delightful treats. It’s the perfect environment to unwind and relax. Or, employees can change their surroundings. They can pop over to the break room with their laptop. While there, they can grab a coffee from the single-cup brewer. These make coffee by the pod. Users can pick their favorite flavor. Plus, each cup is freshly made.

There are also bean-to-cup brewers. These make coffee, lattes, or cappuccinos. Users can order their drinks on a touchscreen. This reduces germs and keeps employees healthy.

3. Micro-Markets Offer Endless Options

Lastly, wow employees with a Sunnyvale micro-market. This on-site mini-store has endless options. For example, you can offer snacks, breath mints, candies, drinks, food, and much more. There are customizable racks and glass-front coolers filled with fresh foods. Try salads, fruits, or yogurt.

Micro-markets give employees ease and innovation. They have 24/7 access to healthy meals. Therefore, they don’t have to drive to a store. Employees can also quickly checkout. They can pay with a debit card, credit card, or cash. Or, give workers stipends. This way, they can enjoy free goodies. This shows employees how much you appreciate their hard work.

Entice More Employees into the Break Room

Every employee should feel their best. Mini breaks help them relax and recharge. Plus, they can socialize with coworkers.

Turn your break room into a hot employee hangout. Silicon Valley Refreshments can help you entice your staff. Furthermore, we’ll help you pick the perfect products. We carry healthy snacks, gourmet coffee, and bulk pantry items.

Contact us today at 408.971.2318 to learn more.

Mountain View Hybrid Micro-Market | Employee Perks | Office Food

5 Reasons to Install a Hybrid Micro-Market in Your Mountain View Break Room

Why consider a hybrid micro-market for your Mountain View break room? Because it has loads of benefits. After all, Silicon Valley can be a competitive place to recruit and retain employees. It’s best to include a break room solution that’s up to the challenge.

As a company with years of experience, Silicon Valley Refreshments has watched the hybrid micro-market rise in popularity. For good reason! As a full-service break room provider, we can install one for you. Check out all the ways it can build a better company culture and boost your bottom line.

1. Food is Love

In a survey by Seamless, 41 percent of people thought that food was the best corporate gift. That means giving your staff some good eats will make them happier. And happier employees are more productive. Look it up. We did.

A hybrid micro-market lets you offer a mix of free refreshments and options they can buy. It’s the best of both worlds.

2. A Hybrid Micro-Market Stands Out

Give your Mountain View company a competitive edge when recruiting with a hybrid micro-market. Many of the top talents you’re looking for want snacks and drinks as part of the office experience. Offering some of those items for free in a micro-market gives it to them. This is a recruitment opportunity many companies are missing.

3. Less Money Than an Office Pantry

Mountain View Hybrid Break Room | Subsidized Snacks | Retention

An office pantry is a fantastic benefit for employees, but sometimes, it can be hard to convince decision makers. If this is the case, you should try a hybrid micro-market. It is more affordable than office pantry service. Truly. It’s because, in a hybrid, you’ll offer some items for free, but not all. It’s a cost-effective way to boost company culture. And since you have access to all the same items as office pantry service, you don’t sacrifice quality in the break room.

Another benefit of a hybrid is that it is an easy upgrade from a Mountain View micro-market. And when your company is ready, it’s simple to opt into a full office pantry service too.

4. A Hybrid Micro-Market is an Easy, Modern Service

Your company deserves the best break room solution in Silicon Valley. That’s a Mountain View hybrid micro-market. They are growing more popular than ever. Why? Because it’s a worry-free way to offer some free refreshments to staff. And Silicon Valley Refreshments will take care of install, stocking, and inventory! We’ll even track what items are selling well! Those items we’ll keep and swap out the rest, further tailoring the hybrid micro-market to your needs.

5. It Inspires Corporate Wellness

Access to healthy options at work is important to Mountain View employees. And it helps you too. Foods and beverages that support health lead to fewer sick days taken. Plus, happier, more productive staff overall. That will save on healthcare costs and boost the bottom line. Healthy refreshments are truly underrated by local employers.

Ready to put a hybrid micro-market in your break room and give staff some free food and drink options? Contact Silicon Valley Refreshments today at 408.971.2318. We handle all your break room service needs. It’s a benefit for you and your employees. Everyone wins!

Cupertino Break Room | Office Snacks | Healthy Services

3 Cupertino Break Room Services You Didn’t Know We Offered

There’s no better time than now to upgrade your Cupertino office break room services. From healthy snacks in your vending machines to new and improved office coffee machines, there are many ways to create a high-quality break room that employees will love. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry! We’re here to help.

At Silicon Valley Refreshments, we offer more than just vending machines and office coffee to Cupertino businesses. While those are essential, there are a variety of other ways to upgrade your office space. What’s more, we’ll work with you to customize the best break room solutions to fit your needs as a company.

So, here are a few of our break room services you might not know about.

We Offer Bulk Product Delivery Services

Cupertino Micro-Market | Vending Machine Services | Office Pantry

How you get snacks and drinks to your office can be a challenge. When you work with us, you can order some bulk items to be delivered. For example, you might consider dry items for your break room like bags of chips or granola bars. This can also come in handy for big meetings or corporate events. Coffee supplies, such as cups, napkins, and stir sticks, are also worth ordering in bulk. Going this route is both efficient and affordable. Plus, you can ensure that you won’t run out of the essentials. It’s a win-win!

FreeVend Occasions

What better way to show employees your appreciation than by offering complimentary snacks and beverages? When you work with Silicon Valley Refreshments, you can request your vending machines to be set to “FreeVend.” This allows employees to choose what product they want at no cost for a certain period of time. Afterward, we’ll send you an invoice for what was eaten. It’s as simple as that! FreeVend is a great reward or perk for employees. For instance, you might decide to offer this feature for a special company celebration or milestone.

We Provide Full or Partial Subsidiaries

Want to encourage healthy eating at work or highlight local products? We offer our customers the ability to subsidize products. It can be the full cost, such as office pantry service, or perhaps it fits better to offset only part of the cost. In Cupertino micro-markets, for example, you can cover certain categories or food. That product would then be less expensive or even free to employees. However, they still have the full range of options to choose from.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Cupertino Office Break Room Services

Give employees the break room services they deserve, and let us help you do it! Contact Silicon Valley Refreshments at 408.971.2318 for more information about our micro-market, office coffee, office pantry, vending, or water filtration services. We look forward to working with you!

San Mateo Healthy Break Room | Smart Cooler | Fresh Food

How the hubz Smart Cooler is Helping Break Rooms Across San Jose and San Mateo

Your San Jose and San Mateo employees are tech-savvy and independent. Now the solutions in your break rooms and micro-markets can be, too. Plus, you can even help your company’s healthy initiatives.

The hubz Smart Cooler is a flexible and intuitive break room solution offering San Jose and San Mateo businesses the ultimate convenience, freshness, and security in one machine.

The Benefits

The hubz Smart Cooler is great for big or small accounts. It’s compact. It keeps up with high traffic break rooms and small spaces. Our clients love it for lots of reasons!

  • No wasted space. Your San Jose and San Mateo employees can enjoy food, snacks and drinks, all kept fresh and chilled, in the same unit.
  • Store beverages and food in the same spot. You can select the product mix. This allows you to cater to your San Jose staff’s healthy options and micro-markets with the hubz Smart Cooler.
  • Customize your options. With the technology the hubz Smart Cooler offers, you can put the food and beverages you want. Combined with advanced security, it’s a win-win!
  • Ease of payment. Your San Mateo employees will enjoy the easy payment system. Grab your item and the hubz Smart cooler instantly recognizes the item. Then, pay with your phone. It’s a touchless and seamless process.
  • Smart inventory tracking. Smart technology makes phone payments easy. Inventory tracking makes sure your hubz Smart Cooler is stocked with the right San Jose and San Mateo healthy options. The unit’s locking feature reduces theft and employee errors.
  • Reliable temperature. The temperature controlled unit makes sure food and beverages stay fresh. If the hubz Smart Cooler senses the temperature is not high enough, it will lock itself. This feature helps keep your San Jose and San Mateo employees healthy, by preventing them from eating spoiled snacks and office pantry items. More importantly, it locks in the freshness.

San Jose Micro-Market | hubz cooler | Break Room Vending Machines

How It Works

Swipe, scan, or tap to unlock the machine. You can use your mobile wallet, debit cards, or credit cards. After swiping, the hubz Smart Cooler unlocks, allowing your San Jose and San Mateo employees to grab the items. It then automatically charges the employee for the item he or she picks up. This advanced technology will recognize when something has been removed as well. Once finished, simply close the door and it charges for the items taken. It even has a shelf on which to place items during the transaction.

The best feature is the way it recognizes items added or removed. For example, did you grab an item by mistake? No sweat! You can replace an item and the wrong selection will be deducted from the total. If a wrong item is put back in the wrong spot, the hubz Smart Cooler will prompt the person to replace it in the correct spot. Once the purchased items are all removed, the unit charges the method of payment.

Why Silicon Valley Refreshments Loves this Smart Cooler for Break Rooms

It’s customizable, easy to use, and secure. For this reason, clients love it, which means we love it!

Are you thinking about adding a hubz Smart Cooler yet?

If we’ve got you thinking about adding a hubz Smart Cooler to one of your healthy San Jose and San Mateo office break rooms, give us a call at 408.971.2318. Visit our website to learn all about how this unit can improve your employee’s break room experience or go directly to our hubz Smart Cooler to watch a helpful video on it! Optimize employee time and use an experienced, technology based company with Silicon Valley Refreshments.