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How to Choose the Best Vending Option for Your Cupertino Office

Modern vending machines are a great office perk. They provide fresh quality food, snacks, and drinks at all hours of the day. There are many benefits to be gained by including a vending option in your Cupertino break room.

Traditional, free, and subsidized vending solutions all have their unique advantages. So, which is the best fit for your situation? Discover more about these three options and how they can help you achieve your break room upgrade.

Traditional Vending

What is traditional vending? This type of vending includes snack, beverage, and food vending machines. You can customize the product mix to include your favorite options or healthy items. With this option, your Cupertino employees will pay 100% of the cost of purchases. Our machines are user-friendly and accept mobile wallets and credit cards.

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Is traditional vending right for me? This option is best if …

  • You want simplicity. This option is simple because employees pay for refreshments. Yet, it’s also versatile. You can use traditional vending in a high-traffic break room or lobby. It’s an easy perk to add to your business.
  • You want a hassle-free experience. Maybe you bought a snack vending machine, but no longer want to service it. We can provide a new machine and take care of everything. From monitoring inventory to restocking, we’ll make sure things run smoothly.
  • You want a straightforward refreshment option. Maybe you want to offer food onsite, but can’t afford to subsidize it or make it free to employees. With traditional, you can still provide easy access to refreshments and meals. Plus, restock service is included! That means no worrying about refilling the machine.

Subsidized Vending

With subsidized vending or a subsidized micro-market, some or all products are offered at a reduced cost to employees. The remaining cost is picked up by you, the employer. You can choose how much of the cost your company will cover. In other words, for a small cost, you can build a more positive company culture.

Subsidized is a great choice for your Cupertino break room if…

  • You want an easy morale boost. Offsetting the cost of refreshments for your employees can improve company culture and increase productivity. Employees will love getting a great deal on their favorite grab-and-go snacks and treats. The best part is that these benefits come at a low cost to your Cupertino company.
  • You want to make vending enticing. You might have noticed some employees don’t use the vending machine. One reason may be that snacks cost more than they want to pay. With subsidized, you can offer reduced-cost food and drinks. That can make it more appealing to purchase refreshments onsite.
  • You want to make healthy options available. Finding healthy options for snacks and meals is not always easy. With our Cupertino vending service, you can choose to include whole-grain snacks, low-sugar beverages, fresh sandwiches, and more. That means that employees can find low-cost healthy items just steps away from their desks. But, there’s more. Healthy eating means fewer sick days too!

Free Vending

Did someone mention free refreshments? That’s what you offer employees with a free vending service. With this service, you, the employer, picks up the cost of the vending items.

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Is free right for your Cupertino break room? It’s ideal if…

  • You have a small company. You want to offer refreshments to your employees without a full micro-market setup.
  • You want to increase employee happiness. Giving your employees free food and drinks is a top employee benefit. With free, your employees can access great refreshments onsite. They won’t even have to scrounge for change or find their wallet.
  • You want to increase employee retention. Offering free lunches can help employers stand out. Not only ideal for increasing retention, but free food also attracts new talent.
  • You want straightforward accounting. You don’t want the hassle of an employee coming with a complaint about losing a one-dollar bill. With free, invoicing is easy. We do the behind-the-scenes work and charge you for items used, rather than items stocked.

A Better Break Room Through Vending Machines

Whether you opt for traditional, subsidized, or free vending, bringing more refreshment options to your break room is an amazing upgrade. Your employees will love having easy access to quality drinks, food, and snacks.

With any of our Cupertino vending services, you can customize the products offered. Plus, the machines are adaptable. They can fit in any space within your building. Our modern vending machines are also eco-friendly. They use LED lights to save energy. Accepting mobile wallets and credit cards, they are also user-friendly. These benefits make them a winning choice!

Would you rather purchase your own vending machine? You can even purchase a Seaga machine from us. We are official Seaga distributors. Get in touch so that we can recommend the perfect machine for your business.

Are you ready to upgrade your Cupertino break room with a vending service? Silicon Valley Refreshments can help you do that and more. Call us for your break room needs at 408.971.2318.

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5 Ways to Encourage Hydration in Your Milpitas Break Room

Healthy employees are happy employees, not to mention productive ones! One thing that can help support your team’s health is encouraging hydration. After all, staying hydrated throughout the day is important. It boosts health, productivity, mood, and focus. In fact, the opposite, dehydration has been shown to cause headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. And nobody wants that!

So, how can you help your staff stay hydrated and energized? How about adding a great hydration option in your break room? When you work with Silicon Valley Refreshments, we’ll create a customized Milpitas refreshment service based on your budget and needs. That includes water filtration service and so much more.

Filtered Water is Essential for Hydration

Of course, you can’t stay hydrated without water! Providing clean drinking water for employees is a must. Therefore, you may want to consider including a water filtration unit in your break room. Providing clean water will encourage Milpitas staff to drink more water, so they stay hydrated, which makes them more energized and healthy team members!

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Consider Single-Serve Iced Tea

Another great way to boost hydration is with iced teas. Many single-cup coffee brewers also offer iced tea pods, so employees can hydrate with more than just water. The refreshing, water-based drink will give them an afternoon boost and a delicious treat. Plus, different kinds of tea have proven health benefits that support the wellness of Milpitas employees beyond hydration.

Bottled iced tea options are also great for your employees. Find them in cold beverage vending machines or your micro-market coolers.

Consider a Smart Water Dispenser

Incorporating a smart water dispenser into your break room can be a hydration-boosting employee perk. A smart water dispenser filtered water, but also lets you create your own unique beverage. Think fruity flavors and carbonation, all at the touch of a button. Smart water dispensers can make drinking water more fun.

Provide Free Hydration Options for Employees

Go all the way and offer water and hydrating drinks to your team for free. They’ll love you for it! We can get them as part of your Milpitas office pantry service. There’s a range of benefits to giving your team healthy drinks at no cost. It helps them be healthier at work, and have better concentration, motivation, and productivity. That makes it good for your team and your business!

Support Your Team with Hydrating Break Room Upgrades!

Give employees the Milpitas break room essentials they need to feel their best. Contact Silicon Valley Refreshments at 408.971.2318 for more information about our micro-market, office coffee, office pantry, vending, or water filtration services. We look forward to working with you!