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Is Your Sunnyvale Office Coffee Service Meeting Today’s Workforce? Here Are 2023 Coffee Trends You Might Be Missing

A great Sunnyvale break room starts with an excellent office coffee service. After all, it’s how employees start each workday, so help them kickstart it the right way! Not only will a high-quality coffee service satisfy staff, but it can also increase employee productivity. A fresh cup of coffee will give your team the energy they need to complete their tasks. What’s the secret to a five-star office coffee service? Keeping up to date with the newest coffee trends.

When you work with Silicon Valley Refreshments, we’ll help you create a modern, trend-forward workplace. Whether you opt for a single cup coffee brewer or go with a traditional office coffee machine, we’ve got you covered.

To help, we’re sharing a few of this year’s biggest coffee trends to follow in your Sunnyvale break room. Staying competitive in the workplace can be challenging, but these upgrades to your office coffee service can help!

Large Coffee Cups for Your Sunnyvale Staff

What can we say, people love their coffee! That’s why more and more people are using larger coffee cups for their morning brew, according to the latest trends. Therefore, it’s time to upgrade your Sunnyvale beverage vending service with more cup size options. A great coffee machine option we offer, The Nescafé Krea, can handle bigger sizes. Larger cups mean more coffee for staff to enjoy, and they’re sure to appreciate it! Upgrading your office coffee service with this 2023 trend ensures both quality and quantity. Coffee vending machines are also a great option for high-volume offices.

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Office Coffee All-You-Can-Drink Programs

All-you-can-drink programs are growing in popularity this year, and for good reason! You can offer this employee benefit to create a welcoming, cafe-like break room experience. With this upgrade of having unlimited cups of coffee, employees will be more likely to take energizing walks to the break room. This can easily be added to any Sunnyvale office pantry service or as a standalone office coffee service. You’re sure to see the results of this trend, too. Offering free coffee promotes employee satisfaction, retention, and recruitment.

Cold Coffee is Growing in Popularity

Cold brew is a fan-favorite opinion. According to Grand View Research’s latest coffee market research, it’s growing in popularity. With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to implement it into your Sunnyvale break room services. Support the growing trend and your employees’ preferences by adding cold brew to your office break room this season. Not sure what is the right pick for you? Nescafe has a free coffee demo for you to try!

Upgrade your Sunnyvale Office Coffee Refreshments Today!

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Santa Clara Vending Service | Break Room Solutions | Micro-Market Basics

Breaking Down Santa Clara Break Room Service Basics

Let’s go back to the service basics. Why? Because finding the right Santa Clara break room services can be tricky. But in this blog, you can learn all about quality break room services and how they can benefit your business.

Vending Machines

Santa Clara vending machines provide snacks and beverages 24/7. Users pick their products and pay by cash or card, so it’s easy for employees to make a purchase. Some vending machines also accept mobile payments.

Vending machines are great for busy workers. They can easily buy brand-name soda, chips, or candy on-site to fight off thirst and hunger. Thus, your employees will be more productive.

Micro-Market Service Basics

Think of a micro-market as a tiny store. Santa Clara micro-markets are unmanned retail spaces. Employees can buy fresh foods, snacks, or drinks. There are sandwiches and soups in the coolers and dry goods stocked in the racks.

You can quickly pay at the self-checkout kiosk. Therefore, you won’t have to wait in long lines. Employees can buy healthy foods anytime they wish, no matter what shift they work. For instance, get salads, wraps, or veggies. Having access to these options boosts workplace wellness.

Office Coffee Services

Santa Clara Office Pantry | Water Filtration Basics | Office Coffee Service

Office coffee service means delivering coffee and other hot drink essentials to your Santa Clara business, along with a coffee brewer. There are three types to choose from. These include:

Traditional coffee service:

These brewers make coffee by the pot. There’s always enough coffee to go around!

Single-cup service:

Don’t like pots? Try pods! Single-cup brewers make coffee by the pod. Users can pick their favorite flavor and make the coffee fresh for each cup.

Bean-to-cup coffee:

Love the sounds and smells of a café? If so, get a bean-to-cup brewer. They grind whole beans. You can make lattes, espressos, or coffee. Want something creamy? Brew a cappuccino!

Silicon Valley Refreshments also offers trendy teas. Want yummy toppers? Ask about creamers and sweeteners.

Office Pantry Services

Want to boost employee satisfaction? Consider Santa Clara office pantry services where employees can get free break room goodies. This makes them feel more appreciated. Thus, they’ll stay loyal. This increases retention.

We’ll find the perfect products for your office pantry and track your inventory. That way your pantry stays stocked. All you need to do is pay the invoice.

Water Filtration Service Basics

Hydration is essential. When properly hydrated, employees feel energized and happy. Plus, drinking water helps you stay productive. Add a Santa Clara water filtration service to your office. It removes dissolved chemicals. Thus, water tastes better.

Short on space? Silicon Valley Refreshments offers countertop systems. We also have floor-standing units. Any sized office can get fresh-tasting water! It’s also eco-friendly. That’s because you can use refillable bottles.

Quality Break Room Service Basics

There are many quality break room solutions. Want delicious water? Looking for healthy foods? Silicon Valley Refreshments has you covered! We take the time to understand your needs. This way, our experts can help find the best solutions for your office.

Please feel free to call us today at 408.971.2318 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!